Integrative Bio-Nano-Info Technology Innovation for Transformative Applications:

     In 21st century we are facing many emerging challenges in our life impacted by increasing population, environmental change and formidable diseases. These challenges require transformative solutions through the synergistic integration of biotechnology, micro and nanotechnology as well as information technology. Our research efforts focus on developing integrative bio-nano-info technologies, enabling new capabilities and empowering more scientists and general public with unprecedented powerful yet affordable abilities to address important questions in mobile health, individualized medicine and precision agriculture.

     At the fundamental physics and chemistry level, we study how electrons, photons and ions commute between electronic/photonic material and biomolecular and cellular systems; At the micro and nanoscale device level, we develop scalable advanced nanomanufacturing technology, colorimetric nanoplasmonic device, surface enhanced spectroscopy substrate, green microfluidics and microelectrochemical sensor; At the systems level, we build distributed wireless nanosensor networks and mobile phone and computer sensors for point-of-care applications.


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