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MoboSens, a smartphone based sensor, provides accurate nitrate concentration measurements. Combined with GPS and mobile broadband, MoboSens provides citizens with a platform for collecting and sharing environmental data, from stream quality to drinking water safety.

  • Invent social media connected water sensor on mobile phone for the “People”
  • Empower the “People” the ability to detect invisible water contaminants
  • Broadcast citizen participatory water sensing information map on both phone and internet
  • Integrate mobile phone water sensor network with existing institutional sensor networks


Perfect integration of Nanotechnology and Cloud processing!

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Natural water nitrate testing with MoboSens and other methods.
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Real measurement curve of MoboSens.
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Mobile Sensing Data Webcasting and Mash-Up.
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MoboSens for Windows platform.
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MoboSens for Android platform.
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Network infrastructure for MoboSens.
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Network infrastructure for MoboSens.


    Every year, 3 M people die from water related diseases. The traditional detection methods are expensive, complex, hard to use.MoboSens enables anyone with a cellphone to identify whether the water is safe to drink or not!

    We are working on
  • 1. Large scale field testing.
  • 2. More functions: arsenic, heavy metal Ions, bacteria and radioactive detection.
  • We need your SUPPORT to help us move forward.
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